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 Types Of Car Insurance In UAE

Types Of Car Insurance In UAE

2 Types of Car Insurance in DUBAI

Mentioned below are 2 different types of car insurance policies offered in the UAE. Based on the preference of the consumer, one can easily compare car insurance quotes online and buy them

  • Third-Party Liability Car Insurance

It is mandatory to have third-party liability insurance for every car owner in the UAE. It is the most basic form of car insurance in Dubai, as it offers protection against any liability arising due to third-party bodily injuries or property damage caused by the insured vehicle. 

The policy holder’s own damage like accidental collision, fire, and theft is not covered by third-party insurance. Anyone who is buying third-party insurance should be ready to meet the repair expenses arising from an accident on their own. 

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance protects the insured vehicle from all the damages arising out of theft or fire, and also pays out to the third-party liability in case of an accident leading to damage, injury or death to a third party.

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